Sunday, August 17, 2014

Reading - Follow that Bird

Follow that Bird by Eliza Teoh

I am Ellie Belly. I am 7 years old. I am in Class 1J. My best friend is Cammy. I LOVE to doodle in class when Teacher is not looking. And my BIG secret is this: I can talk to animals! Really! One day, I hear a cry for help! It is a sunbird and she is in big, big trouble! I have to help Sunbird! But first, I have to find a way to sneak out of class without Teacher – or that pesky Megan – noticing!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Reading - Mr. Gum and the Power Crystals

Mr. Gum and the Power Crystals by Andy Stanton

Good evening, children, on this dark and windy night. Now, come gather round the fireplace, for 'tis time for strange tales to be spun. Like the tale of Polly and that old tumbledown windmill by the riverside. But just what is the windmill's terrible secret ? Why is Mr. Gum lurk-lurk-lurkin' about ? And how much does old granny know ? Gather closer, childre, for all shall be revealed ....

Reading - Mr. Gum and the Dancing Bear

Mr. Gum and the Dancing Bear by Andy Stanton

Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear Good evening. Do you like bears called Padlock? Course you do. Do you like hot-air balloons? Course you do. Do you like tall sailing ships with mad sea captains, and horrifying old villains and words like ‘wab!’, ‘tungler’ and ‘kelp’? COURSE you do! Well, guess what, you lucky little nibbleheads? This book’s got all of those things - and a lot more besides. It’s a rollicker! It’s a frolicker! It’s a funtime sun-time yollicker!

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Reading - The Adventures of Nanny Piggins

The Adventures of Nanny Piggins by R. A. Spratt

When the world's most glamorous fluing pig runs away from the circus to become a nanny, Derrick, Samantha and Michael think they are the luckiest children alive. Who could not fall in love with a nanny whose only job qualifications are her astonishing ability to be fired out of a cannon and her amazing skill at making chocolate cake, sometimes both at the same time ?

Reading - What's for Dinner, Mr. Gum ?

What's for Dinner, Mr. Gum? by Andy Stanton

Mr Gum's back! But what's he up to this time? Oh, dreadful things my friends, dreadful things indeed. Seems he's found himself a brand new treat—rancid kebabs just dripping with dirty grey sauce. And he just can't get enough of them. He's gotta have more! More! LESS! I mean, MORE! But not everyone's too happy about Mr Gum's new dinnertime arrangements and soon the town of Lamonic Bibber is gearing up for war. Can Polly and her friends save the town from being torn apart? Will Mr Gum's hunger ever be satisfied? And who on earth is Thora Gruntwinkle? Readers will find the answers to these questions, and they'll also see a gingerbread man driving through London, an annoying little monkey driving everyone mad, and Friday O'Leary falling asleep in a hedge!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Reading - Paddington Goes To Town

Paddington Goes To Town by Michael Bond

Paddington doesn’t intentionally turn his friend’s wedding into an uproar by getting the wedding ring stuck on his paw. Nor does he mean Mr Curry to slip on his marmalade sandwich in the middle of an important gold shot. And when Paddington goes out to sing Christmas carols, he doesn't mean to end up waiting on tables in a strange house or, come to that, serving baked elastic in mistake for 'Baked Alaska' But these sort of things just happen to a bear like Paddington!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Reading - The Dead and The Gone

The Dead and The Gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Grade 7 Up—An asteroid knocks the moon closer to Earth, and every conceivable natural disaster occurs. Seventeen-year-old Alex Morales's parents are missing and presumed drowned by tsunamis. Left alone, he struggles to care for his sisters Bri, 14, and Julie, 12. Things look up as Central Park is turned into farmland and food begins to grow. Then worldwide volcanic eruptions coat the sky with ash and the land freezes permanently. People starve, freeze, or die of the flu. Only the poor are left in New York—a doomed island—while the rich light out for safe towns inland and south.