Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook fresh food

Recently, I have read many blogs about cooking for Christmas time is coming. I don't know how to cook, just know how to make the instant food. Instant food is always loved by any people all over the world. See this blog. Is it very trouble to cook fresh book? It needs go to market to buy. After bought, it needs washing, seasoning,...... cooking...... Oh, there are so many steps to finish the cooking of one dish.

For Christmas, Hong Kong has held a WinterFest in the Central Business Centre. Please come and join with us. Hong Kong is always welcome all tourist come from all over the world.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Knit, Knit, Knit, Travel, Travel, Travel, Travel, Travel ......

My mind wants travel, travel, travel, travel, .......
My heart wants travel, travel, travel, travel, travel, .......

When Christmas is coming, I always want to travel to somewhere. Also reminds me Germany for it has a big Christmas Bazaar throughout Germany.

Also remind me a book written by John Grisham, call "Skipping Christmas". I think it is fun to read this book during Christmas time. To see how an aged couple try to go away from their own village and enjoy Christmas somewhere. At Hong Kong, it is very easy, just buy the air ticket and book the hotel and go anywhere if u can.

Travel to Bremen : Chicken is in the photo, beware of the bird flu, keep running.

Travel to Rothenburg : Wa, so many presents, which one is the biggest, which one I should pick.

Travel to Fussen : How romance, Prince and Princess are having their Christmas holiday at here

Travel to Munich : Sightseeing Bus, please don't stop, keep going

Hope you enjoy these photos. In future, try to share some other travel photos to all of you. But I have to ask my friend to share her digital photos to me for I just have my digital camera recently.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Knit Another Diamond Pattern Scarf

I knit another diamond pattern scarf using Sirdar baby 4 ply yarn. The effect is excellent and quite difference from the mohair yarn (the belowed picture). But I still love them all. Hope that this light green one will be finished before end of Nov as the yarn is very thin.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Knit A Lace Shawl

Oh, I finally finish this lace shawl from a Japanese Book. It is very hard to do blocking of such a large piece of shawl. As this is my first time to knit such lace, for my ease, I choose this Sirdar Baby 4ply - the light orange colour (I don't know how to describe this colour). It is very thin yarn (50g each ball with 226m long). The yarn suggests to use 3.25mm needle but I change to 4.5mm needle so as to achieve the lace style. It works and extremely fine. This baby yarn is super soft and light and not bulky as it takes 3 balls (150g). I afraid that it does not large enough, so I add the edging by myself. I still have not skillful enough to knit the lace edge and attach to the master piece, I have to practice more.

At the time, I also bought this light melon colour to knit the diamond pattern scarf that I posted previously. Just start, will post picture after a few inches are knitted.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Haven't wrote on this blog for nearly ten days. I am now busy knitting a half-circle shawls which from a Japan book. I cannot post the pattern here for it is a photocopy. It will be not clear to post a picture of a photocopy.

And also knitting a diamond pattern scarf (posted previously), this time using a Sirdas baby 4 ply instead of the mohair. I pick the light green apple colour and the texture is excellent soft. Few rows are knitted, the outcome is unexpected nice, I love it.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Christmas is coming

Oh, this pink rose leaf scarf is completed I think I should try another laceweight wool yarn to knit such a scarf for mohair may be itch to someone.

Christmas is approaching, let me think about Rothenburg (Germany) that I travel on May 2005. I like Germany and take time to travel few cities, such as Fusen, Kassel, Wurzburg, Munich and Hamburg. Rothenburg is an ancient city where has a Christmas Museum, I just take a browse of it for time is limited. It is amusing and exciting that I haven't seen such Christmas decoration stuff at Hong Kong. Anyone who interest on it should take to travel this city.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Knit A Rose Leaf Lace Scarf

I have search this 78% mohair yarn to knit it using 5.5mm needle. Only cast on 25 sts to give you 5.5 inch wide before blocking. After blocking, it may be longer and wider. It is great that only one ball is needed and it is merely finished. I like Aplaca Cloud from Knitpicks.com but they don't take international order. So upto now, I am still searching more fine yard to knit some lace pattern , may be kid merino, etc....

After keeping searching, I now have some lace shawls pattern wanted to knit and don't want to make a wish list. For this will give me some pressure when to finish it. I always change my mind of what to knit and only knit a thing matched my mood.

Monday, November 07, 2005

New book arrived

To my surprise, my ordered shawls and scarves book has arrived on July 5, 2005 (Sat). I am happy that I don't have to wait 6-8 weeks as the publisher said, and enjoy the book very much during this weekend. To see whether I can choose those most simple one to knit. To knit those lace pattern, what yarn should I use. Can anyone suggest one to me or any on-line shop that I can order. It is very hard to find such yarn at Hong Kong.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Another lace scarf

As mentioned on previous post, I have finished this diamond lace scarf. Now, I find out that I really fond of knitting lace and now try to collect more lace pattern. My great wish is to knit a large circle, triangle and rectangle shawls from some of the great lace book. At Hong Kong, you really cannot buy such a lace knitting book so must order it from on-line. I have already ordered one and waiting for its arrival. It needs to wait about 6-8 weeks to reach Hong Kong (will be reached me around End of Nov 05). It really loose my patient to wait for such a long time. It will be a Christmas gift for me.

My web-shop is finally created. I would be grateful if you can take time to browse it and give me some comment.