Friday, November 25, 2005

Knit Another Diamond Pattern Scarf

I knit another diamond pattern scarf using Sirdar baby 4 ply yarn. The effect is excellent and quite difference from the mohair yarn (the belowed picture). But I still love them all. Hope that this light green one will be finished before end of Nov as the yarn is very thin.


Mimi said...

Another beautiful scarf and you knit pretty fast! I need to add some speed on my knitting, it's coming at snail speed nowadays. :D

Heather said...

wow...very pretty! I just love airy knits like that!

Your comment on my blog made me laugh...I finished the back of the vest and I was like..."man I need a break!" haha! cables are exhausting...but don't they look good!

luv2stitch said...

Your scarves are beautiful. You are a very fast knitter. I love the designs that you choose. I have yet to finish one basic lace scarf because I get sidetracked too easily toward other projects.