Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Baby Variegation Yarn

A baby yarn, but not for me or baby. Again, this is for my friend-AM. She picks this yarn by herself for knitting a vest. She loves this for it is soft, has baby feeling and thin (using 2.75mm needles).

It is very difficult for me to shot a picture to show off the yarn's variegate colour. When the back is finished, it will post again to see whether the colour can come out.

Reading - Nineteen Minute

Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult

Peter Houghton, an alienated teen who has been bullied for years by the popular crowd, brings weapons to his high school in Sterling, N.H., one day and opens fire, killing 10 people. Flashbacks reveal how bullying caused Peter to retreat into a world of violent computer games. Alex Cormier, the judge assigned to Peter's case, tries to maintain her objectivity as she struggles to understand her daughter, Josie, one of the surviving witnesses of the shooting.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Now, my friend HS is modelling her light yellow bolero. She is happy and likes it very much. Me too. How about you ?
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Yarn : Sea Queen Cotton Fine (Japanese yarn - lace weighting)
Quantity : 100% cotton
Usage : 7 x 25g/175m

This cotton yarn is very light, soft, very comfortable and suitable to wear under Hong Kong's Summer time.
As per her request, I add 5 buttons along the edge. And I crochet 2 transparency beads at each end of the string, hope you can see them in the picture.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fuzzy Scarf

A fuzzy yarn, which is bought by my friend A's mother that she wants a scarf.

Yarn : Yarn bee (made in China)
Usage : 2 x 50g/72m
Needle : 6.0mm
Composition : 40% Acrylic, 30% Wool, 20% Mohair & 10% Polyester
Size : 6 " x 60"
You can see, there are 3 difference of thickness within a ball of yarn. Some are thin and some are thick. I have to try several sizes of needles to cope with these thickness. At last, it comes out very nice. Hope my friend's mother likes it, which can keep her warm during winter season.

My other friend's yellow bolero is finished. I will give it to her on this Saturday and post it later.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Reading - Vanishing Acts

Besides knitting, I also read.

Vanishing Acts by jodi Picoult.

On an ordinary day in smalltown New Hampshire, her beloved father, Andrew, is arrested for having kidnapped her, 28 years earlier, from the mother she long thought was dead. Why ?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

The yellow bolero

Just some follow up of my friend HS's bolero.

After she has tried it, and due to the tension and size are quite difference with the pattern, I have reknit several times of the underarm to fit her. As per the pattern, I crochet 3 row patterns of the back's underarm instead of 1. At the front's underarm, 2 row pattern is added. I really alter at least 50% of the original pattern, always reknit, reknit, reknit, totally make me mad. But now, you see, it is quite nice and I am satisfied with it. I think this size will suit her and full force to knit the body.