Friday, September 22, 2006

A new project from IK

The right and left front is finished. Next is to joint them with the back and crochet the border. I like to crochet the border.

From my previous message, I say I will tell you how I block my knitting stuff. You can see that I pin them in my non-used pillow. It is a good idea that I don't have to do it in my bed, otherwise, I have to block it early in the Sunday morning in sake of it can be dried at night. Now, I can block them at any time and anywhere. And also it is good that the fabric pattern of the pillow cover is rectangle, this can be treated as a ruler to guide the straight line and inches.

This is my next project - Sienna cardigan from IK Fall 2006 using this mohair + wool yarns which are given by my friend many years ago. As the tension is not the same as the pattern, I have to use some time to calculate the no. of stitches and adjust my size.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Nothing is done

Re my friend's blue cardigan that I have finished at July, here are the photos sent by her recently. It is a little bit larger but not so bad, I quite like it. I will try to adjust her measurement by viewing these photos for future use.

During these few week, I knit nothing and no progress for my pink colourway cotton cardigan. It seems the weather will become cooler, I should be hurry to finish it otherwise it will slip to next year.

What am I busy now? Scanning my travel pictures and store in CD. There are so many albums (before digital camera is invented) that don't know how many hours are needed to do this tedious task. I only want to space out more places for the knitting books. It is always very hard to find spaces at your home to store your favourite collection, especially at Hong Kong - small house.