Monday, June 19, 2006

My Friend's Cardigan

I just got an email from my friend of Vancouver, said that she would like to have a cardigan as the picture shown. The cardigan is for her to be worn in the office and she prefers no wool. So this yarn is chosen, it is 100% Arylic in light blue. I should be hurried to finish it for it will be brought back to Vancouver by her another friend, who will leave Hong Kong around Mid July. It is lucky that my friend chooses a simple one, I think I can finish it on time.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Baby Sock is Finished

Baby sock is finished. Only one is knitted as this is my sample for practicing the knitting of sock. I am happy that I can knit sock now and I think I will knit more for myself when winter comes.

As I said in the last post, my challenge is how to join the front and back of toe. I follow the "kitchener stitch" instruction of a book, it is quite ok at the beginning of stitches, but I mix up all the steps of the coming stitches. I have tried many times, still cannot success. This makes me so frustrated that I put it down for a few days. It is lucky that searched from the internet, there is a tip of doing "kitchener stitch". I follow it and it works. It really works when I try once. What a clever way to do it and I really get what I am doing. You see, one more time to prove, internet is the greatest.

I am very happy of this sock and it makes feel so exciting for a few days. I do really enjoy knitting the sock. But there is one problem, I don't know whether there is any sock yarn (special for knitting sock - colourway yarn for stripe sock) can be bought at Hong Kong.

Re my red colourway cotton way, I still have no idea what pattern to be knitted. I have ordered the IK Summer 2006 via on-line a few days ago. Very eager waiting for this and hope that I can choose one for the cotton yarn.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

My First Sock

My thumb is still not recovered yet, but I miss my knitting needle very much that I pick up the needle to try the sock. My first knitting of the sock.

This is the sample of knitting the heel and short row wrap. I use the waste yarn to practice it, I read the instructions again and again, rip and knit many times. It comes out like that, not so bad.

I feverishly knit a sock as per a baby sock pattern for it is easy and can be finished in a short time. You see, it is loverly.

Up to this step, my next challenge is to join the front and back of toe.