Sunday, December 24, 2006

My Sienna Cardigan

Re my last post, my Sienna Cardigan is finished for weeks, and good that my friend has time with me on this X'mas time to take the shot for me.

Detail :
yarn : Aarlan Royal - 40% wool, 40% acrylic & 20% mohair (made in Switzerland)
yardage : 40g/100m and 7.5 skeins are used
needle : 4mm
pattern : IKFall2006- Sienna Cardigan
Changes :
1. the collar - is changed to v-shape instead of the shawl collar
2. as the gauge is not the same, I need to re-calculate all the no. of stitches and the front's lace pattern is 7 repeat

It has the right time to wear this for the HK weather is getting cooler around X'mas season and it is so warm that I don't want to get change. Of course, it has mohair.

And, there are 2.5 skeins of yarn is left. My mother always has an intelligence to use up all my stash. She is asking a hat and likes the stitch pattern of my sock (re my last post). OK, Mon, I will knit you one and give me time, for I want to knit one more sock for myself. But, never mind, you are the first.

Now, it is my friend's turn.

1.5 skeins of yarn is left after my friend's v-lace and cable vest, a scarf is knitted for her too using a similar v-lace pattern (re last post). I make use every inch of the yarn to knit as long as possible, finally it is 6" x 54". When she has the first sight of this scarf, she said "Wa, it is so beautiful.... and thank you". This really encourage me to knit more, more, more .... and I am so excited that she likes it so much.

Oh, it is coincided that they are in purple colour.

Merry X'mas and Happy New Year to all of you.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sock - My wish

My wish comes true. Knitting sock is always at the top of my wish list. Here it is. Double knit yarn and 4.0mm needle are used as it is more easy to handle for my first trial. Even though it is not perfect, but I like it very much and I have to practice more for the technique of short-row and toe shaping for my toe is flat. It is the right time to finish it for Hong Kong weather is dropped to about 12C degree during this weekend. I have a warm feet.

The pattern is from the Knitty-winter05-thuja. I follow the stitches counting but change the stitches pattern (to k1,p1) as the photo.

This scarf is using the leftover of the purple yarn of my friend's v-lace and cable vest (of my last post). Again, this is for her, hope can be finished before Christmas. Sometimes, it is quite tedious to knit a long scarf always repeating the pattern. This v-lace pattern is extracted from IKfall2006.

Further, my Sienna Cardigan is finished. Will post it once my friend takes the photo for me outdoor.

Oh, I have to thank all other bloggers' comments of my last post that you all give many great suggestions which are very helpful for me to improve my knitting skill. Many Thanks.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Finished Finished Finished

My friend's purple v-lace and cable vest is finally finished.

yarn : Mondial Extrafine - 100% pure New Wool (Made in Italy)
length : 50g/175m
needle : 3.5mm
usage : 6 skeins
pattern : just pick up this and that from a Chinese stitch patterns book

And, she is modelling her vest :

When knitting such a large size vest, I have some queries :
1. should the front size wider than the back ?
2. if not, should decrease the front side's armhole more stitches than the back at the beginning the several rows, of course, the shoulder stitches will become the same ?
for this vest, the no. of stitches and the armhole decreased stitches are all the same.