Monday, April 30, 2007

Rainbow Cardigan

This rainbow cardigan has been finished for about 2 weeks ago and worn it, but no time to model and take photos. Why, many reasons, such as : lazy to go out, the weather is not up to my mood, no one take the photos for me, ..... So, just take some at home, hope you will enjoy them.

Detail :
Pattern : my own (just sit down and crochet and do not have any pattern in my mind along the crocheting)
yarn : all my stash
Usage : I don't know and haven't weight the cardigan

I love this cardigan because it is so colourful that I seldom wear the one with many bright colours. It make me feel happier and younger.

I love the buttons very much also. At one day when I am wandering around the street (without any purpose for buying) with many stalls, there is one stall come across my eye. That stall is selling some ribbons, lace edgings, other handicraft materials and buttons, buttons, buttons.... That is what I want for my rainbow. The buttons are packed having 5 or 6 buttons of each pack. I have to search,search, search.... among those buttons mountain. Suddenly, I find one pack with 6 different colours' flower shape button. Of course, I buy it immediately. Is it totally match with theme of my rainbow cardigan ??

Up to this moment, I can't think of anything to knit and I don't want to pick up my only one WIP - cable and twisted tree vest. Don't know why, just don't want to or may be don't want to knit in summer. May be I can buy some fabrics and sew some shirt for myself during this summer time.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

IK Summer 2007 is up

Now, you can preview the IK summer 2007 . See whether you can pick up your favour pattern(s). To me, not much.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Is it too bright of these rainbow ??

As title, are they very bright ?? You see, too bright that butterfly fly into them and have a close look of what they are. They are rainbow mats for my water jugs and heat water flask. Tell me, do you like them ??

The yarns are the leftover of my rainbow cardigan. I have no pattern to follow, just sit down, pick up my hook and crochet of what my thoughts come out at one afternoon. It is so easy and fun.

You know, sometimes it is too poor to throw away all these little stash, and too bother to find space to store them ( I prefer to store new yarns). So, do you think that it is lovable to knit some small items, eg. home accessories using all those little stash ?? Besides these, can you suggest me what useful small items that I can crochet for I still have little amount of stash left ??

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Does this colour suit ??

Many thanks for all your comments on the colour of the border of my crochet rainbow cardigan. Many recommend something about red. You see, I choose this red, and I have finished the armhole border. Is it look good and suit ?

Spring is coming, flowers are blossoming, butterflies are flying ...

Look, the butterflies are flying around the flowers happily.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Please tell me ???

The sleeveless rainbow cardigan has been crocheted. But the border, I am now wondering, what colour should be used. Does anyone has any idea, please tell me ???????