Saturday, October 27, 2018

Reading - Big Nate : Lives It Up

Lives It Up by Lincoln Peirce

A Junior Fiction

Principal Nichols wants Nate to be buddies with new kid Breckenridge Puffington III and show him around. But that’s no easy task when Breckenridge is a plant-doodling total fun-sponge. There’s also something strangely familiar about this guy. . . . What in the world could it be? 
Meet BIG NATE, Mr. Big-time Doodler and definitely NOT the teacher’s pet.

Reading - A Flight of Arrows

A Flight of Arrows by Lori Benton

Twenty years past, in 1757, a young Redcoat, Reginald Aubrey stole a newborn boy—the lighter-skinned of Oneida twins— during the devastating fall of Fort William Henry and raised him as his own. 

No one connected to Reginald escaped unscathed from this crime. Not his adopted daughter Anna. Not Stone Thrower, the Native American father determined to get his son back. Not Two Hawks, William’s twin brother separated since birth, living in the shadow of his absence and hoping to build a future with Anna. Nor Lydia, who longs for Reginald to be free from his self-imposed emotional prison and embrace God’s forgiveness— and her love. 

Now William, whose identity has been shattered after discovering the truth of his birth, hides in the ranks of an increasingly aggressive British army. The Redcoats prepare to attack frontier New York and the Continentals, aided by Oneida warriors including Two Hawks, rally to defend it. As the Revolutionary War penetrates the Mohawk Valley, two families separated by culture, united by love and faith, must find a way to reclaim the son marching toward them in the ranks of their enemies. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Reading - Letters from Paris

 Letters from Paris by Juliet Blackwell

After surviving the accident that took her mother’s life, Claire Broussard has worked hard to escape her small Louisiana hometown. But these days she feels something is lacking. Abruptly leaving her lucrative job in Chicago, Claire returns home to care for her ailing grandmother. There, she unearths a beautiful piece of artwork that her great-grandfather sent home from Paris after World War II. 

At her grandmother’s urging, Claire travels to Paris to track down the century-old mask-making atelier where the object, known only as “L’Inconnue”—or The Unknown Woman—was created. Under the watchful eye of a surly mask-maker, Claire discovers a cache of letters that offers insight into the life of the Belle Epoque woman immortalized in the work of art. As Claire explores the unknown woman’s tragic fate, she begins to unravel deeply buried secrets in her own life.

Reading - The Road To Urdino

The Road To Urdino byRoma Tearne

In a draughty British prison cell Lynton Rasanagium awaits trial on a charge of terrorism.  His crime - the theft of one of the world's most exquisite and mysterious paintings - is both baffling and seductive, and as Ras's barrister Elizabeth beins her investigations, an extraordinary story unfolds.

An exile haunted by the memory of violence, Ras has only a feeling for colour and a helpless love for his child to guide him through lift in an alien culture; he could not have less in common with Elizabeth's chief witness, pampered, amoral Alex Benson.  And yet their lives are inextricably entwined, brought together in the idyllic hills of northern Italy by Charles Boyar, his beautiful wife Delia and their young son - and eventually by Ras's own daughter, the ambitious, manipulative Lola.  When their charmed existence is brought to a shocking end it becomes apparent to Ras that war's shadow is long and cold, and he has no choice but to take action.

Reading - Hidden Places

Hidden Places by Lynn Austin

A deep yearning for home had led Eliza to Wyatt Orchards ten years ago. Now widowed with three young children, she faces mounting debts and the realization it is all up to her. But she has no idea how to run an orchard alone. When a stranger appears at her doorstep, Eliza guesses he is no different than the other out of luck characters searching for work during the Depression. But the familiarity with which Gabe tends to the farm raises unanswered questions. With a vulnerable heart, she is unwittingly drawn to his gentle ways. But Eliza also fears that Gabe hides a past and motives that could jeopardize all she has fought to attain for herself and her children. . .