Friday, January 26, 2007

The THIRD one - red sock

OK, the third sock, the sharp bright red one is lastly finished.

Pattern : my own - simple cable stitches
yarn : Jaeger Misty DK - 40g/110m
needle : 3.5mm
usage : 2 skeins

I have tried very hard to take good shot of the bright red colour, but you see, the photos are still vagued. So frustrated that I give up to try the shot and don't waste my time. In real, I love this sock in simple cable and is more beautiful than the picture. This sock takes me quite a length of time for my mind is planning to knit a cable short sleeve vest. Takes time to browse through the cable stitches patterns, finally I have drafted the belowed using the Alpace yarn which is bought at Japan.

The centre is a cable stitches, its left and right sides are embraced by a tree branches liked stitches, then at both edge sides, seed stitch is knitted. This is only a preliminary thinking that has to test on a sample to see the outcome. I better hurry up for I want it can be worn on Chinese Lunar New Year, that is Feb 18, 2007.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mohair hat for my mother

My mother's hat is also finished using the leftover of my Sienna Cardigan. This is given to her as a Chinese Lunar New Year gift. Hehe....

yarn : Aarlan Royal - 40% wool, 40% acrylic & 20% mohair (made in Switzerland)
yardage : 40g/100m and 1 skein is used
needle : 3.5mm
pattern : k1,p1 and changed to p1,k1 on every 3 rows

After all these, I am planning a pullover with short sleeves for Spring time is coming. I think it will suit HK weather. No pattern has been chosen for this moment and will browse through all my knitting books.

The THIRD pair of sock

After knitted two pairs of sock, the third one is here. This red one is to welcome our Chinese Lunar New Year on Feb 18, 2007. A simple cable stitch pattern is chosen. I don't why taking this picture in red colour is very hard, you see, the knitting stitches is so vague. I have tried more then 10 shots under different shooting condition, the picture outcome is the same.

Friday, January 05, 2007

My Second Sock, the third one .....

After the first sock is finished, I am so eager to knit this second one. The same, DK is used for I used to wear sock at home during winter time at day time and even when sleeping. Colourway yarn is always tempted me for socks, this is bought when passing a lys. No special pattern for this sock, just 2 x 1 rib and follow the measurement of my first sock. When I model it, I admire it very much for the outcome of the colour.

The third sock will be coming. The red yarn, also DK, is bought. It is especially to welcome our Chinese Lunar New Year (Feb 18, 2007). You can say that this is my excuse (but love knitting should have no excuse). The red colour is the "welcome colour" and "traditional colour" for the Chinese Lunar New Year Festival.

My mother's hat is on the way. Will post when she is willing to model it.