Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mohair hat for my mother

My mother's hat is also finished using the leftover of my Sienna Cardigan. This is given to her as a Chinese Lunar New Year gift. Hehe....

yarn : Aarlan Royal - 40% wool, 40% acrylic & 20% mohair (made in Switzerland)
yardage : 40g/100m and 1 skein is used
needle : 3.5mm
pattern : k1,p1 and changed to p1,k1 on every 3 rows

After all these, I am planning a pullover with short sleeves for Spring time is coming. I think it will suit HK weather. No pattern has been chosen for this moment and will browse through all my knitting books.


Girl Kae said...

isn't it great when you have enough leftover yarn to make a matching project?! I always have leftover yarn from all kinds of things, and never know what to do - but a sweater and hat combo is just perfect :)

Areli said...

Thats a really cute hat, great gift for your mom. And it's always nice to use up stash yarn, too.

Andrea said...

I really like the hat. I'm sure your mom will be pleased.

opportunityknits said...

I missed your 2 latest posts because bloglines didn't update. The red socks are looking good. I also have a preblem photographing red knitting. Interesting stitch on the hat, very unusual.