Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another one

One more crochet flower brooch using a lace crochet cotton thread.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Crochet Lace Flower and Leavess

Are they beautiful and elegant ? I like them very much.

I use a Japan lace cotton crochet thread #40 (10g/89m) and hook needle size 0.9mm to crochet them. As start, this thread is too small for me to manage, after a long trial, I now can smoothly using it.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Reading - What About Me, Too ?

What About Me, Too ? by Kate Figes

GP Sue, her daughters Frankie and Lola, her husband Matthew, and their unexpected surprise addition to the family, Tom. In this delightful sequel, we are a year on Sue is a GP, her busy life filled with demanding but lovable patients, demanding but lovable children, a husband, and a new dog. But she has just enough time to notice the rather gorgeous neighbour who walks his black lab in the park. Frankie is about to do her GCSEs, and is absolutely certain that no-one is as stressed, as in love, or as confused as she is. Lola is eleven, and endearingly aware of those around her, including all her friends, her Granny, her pain-in-the-neck but scrumptious new baby brother, and the fact that her Dad is spending a lot of time texting. And when she sneaks a peek at his calls, there are far too many to someone called Laura. Suddenly, Lola feels overburdened with guilt and responsibility, so just what is she to do?

What About Me, Too? is a searingly honest account of life in a normal London household, of how perceptive children can be, and how the dismantling of a marriage can be both devasting and liberating.