Monday, February 12, 2007

Knitted the spun yarn

Re my spinning workshop of last post, I have spun the wool into yarn using a simple tool - chopstick.

There is what a small amount of yarn that I spun. Thinking what I can knit from that, here it is - a cup mat.

The cup mat is a little bit of raw, but I like it. It is very exciting to go through the whole process - from processed wool to the finished product. I have quite a lot of interest on spinning (as it is not popular at Hong Kong and I am sure that no one will do this), and reserved the spinning book from the Hong Kong Public Library. It takes about one week to receive the collection letter. Now, I am waiting for Cloth Haven's dyeing workshop. It is full of fun to have workshop with others that can share experience,

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Spinning Workshop

Yesterday (Wed, Feb 7, 2007), I joined the Spinning workshop held by Cloth Haven at Hong Kong. The workshop is lectured by Rowena Hart. She is a weaving teacher and fibre artist, Education and Marketing Manager for Ashford Handicrafts (New Zealand) , in Hong Kong for just a day while en route to Europe. Her visit is just in time to demonstrate and introduce spinning. Since she doesn't have her own website, please search her for more information and her books.

This is my first experience to touch spinning and it is full of fun and exciting. The workshop just give us some raw method of spinning, these are some pictures that want to share with others :

The right top one with brown cloth is Rowena Hart

Carding wool

Spinning the wool using a very simple tool - pencil

Spinning the wool using drop spindle

See what I have spinned, the little green one. I have also brought these wool to home, hope that can spin them into yarn and knit something interesting. Will post the FO if I success.

Forthcoming, Cloth Haven will have "Dyeing workshop" on next month. I am waiting this.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cabled & Twisted Tree Vest

This is what I name her - Cabled and Twisted Tree Vest

It is have fun and excitement to knit the own design. Knitting cable is quite yarn consuming and the back (up to the armhole) is on the way.