Monday, February 12, 2007

Knitted the spun yarn

Re my spinning workshop of last post, I have spun the wool into yarn using a simple tool - chopstick.

There is what a small amount of yarn that I spun. Thinking what I can knit from that, here it is - a cup mat.

The cup mat is a little bit of raw, but I like it. It is very exciting to go through the whole process - from processed wool to the finished product. I have quite a lot of interest on spinning (as it is not popular at Hong Kong and I am sure that no one will do this), and reserved the spinning book from the Hong Kong Public Library. It takes about one week to receive the collection letter. Now, I am waiting for Cloth Haven's dyeing workshop. It is full of fun to have workshop with others that can share experience,


Peggy said...

Beautiful colors!

Baa Bonny Belle said...

I think this was a perfect project for the handspun. Being able to complete the whole process in a short amount of time always makes one feel good.

Sounds like you are enjoying you think a spinning wheel will make its way to you someday? :)

Have fun with the dyeing workshop.

joy said...

Wow, a spinning group in HK? I love the idea that you can do it on a chopstick. :-)