Thursday, September 27, 2007

Can you suggest me more ?

Nowaday at Hong Kong, a A-line style jacket, in short length, is very popular at this Fall/winter. So my friends and me would like to have a knitted one. Somethings like Kim Hargreaves's design :

I would like to know are there anymore such design jacket that you can suggest to me, so that my friends and me can have a variety of choice ??????


Reading - The New Woman

The New Woman by Jon Hassler

At the age of eighty-eight, Agatha McGee has grudgingly moved out of her house on River Street and into the Sunset Senior Apartments. She’s not happy about giving up her independence, and Sunset Senior’s arts and crafts activities and weekly excursions to the Blue Sky Casino are hardly a consolation. Meanwhile two of her close friends pass away, her nephew Frederick is drifting into depression, and a kidnapped little girl has suddenly appeared on her doorstep, and a fellow resident has caught her eye.
Coping with the deaths of two close friends and trying to cheer up her depressed nephew Frederick, Agatha inadvertently starts a support group. Within weeks, the group has swelled to include most of Staggerford's citizens, who, along with Agatha, tell their stories and face their demons together.

With characteristic poise and dignity, Agatha takes on her problems and finds that the bonds of friendship and family are still the key to happiness at any age.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Reading - Shopaholic Ties the Knot

Once again by Sophie Kinsella - Shopaholic Ties the Knot

Another entertaining entry in Kinsella's unabashedly fluffy Shopaholic series.

Life could not get any better for Becky Bloomwood, she has managed to parlay her personal and professional passions into a dream job as a personal shopper at Barney's, and her wildly successful boyfriend, Luke live a life of relative peace and prosperity in Manhattan's West Village. Well, at least they would if Becky could manage to curb her extravagant spending habits a bit. They've even opened a joint bank account (although they can't quite agree on whether a Miu Miu skirt counts as a household expense).

Then Luke proposes - and all of a sudden life gets hectic. Becky's cozy mum wants her to get married in Oxshott (at London) and wear her old frilly wedding dress. Luke's frosty society mother wants to host a grand extravaganza at the New York Plaza, complete with woodland glade and the NY Philharmonic.

Two weddings on the same day. Becky knows she has to sit down and decide - but to be honest, it's a lot more fun tasting cake, trying on dresses and registering wedding presents. Time's ticking by, plans are being made both sides of the Atlantic and soon she realises she's in trouble ......

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Reading - The Undomestic Goddess

The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella

Samantha is a high-powered lawyer in London. She works all hours, has no home life, and cares only about getting a partnership. Until on day .... she makes a mistake. A mistake so huge it'll wreck her career.

She goes into meltdown, walks right out of the office, get on the first train she sees, and finds herself in the middle of nowhere. Asking for direction at a big, beautiful house, she is mistaken for the interviewee housekeeper and finds herself being offered the job. Samantha has no idea how to work the oven, battles with the washing machine... the ironing board... and attempts to cook a cordon-bleu dinner.. But maybe she's not as undomestic as she thought. Maybe, with some help, she can fake it?

Will her employers ever discover their housekeeper is actually a top-flight lawyer ? Will Samantha's old life ever catch up with her?