Thursday, September 27, 2007

Can you suggest me more ?

Nowaday at Hong Kong, a A-line style jacket, in short length, is very popular at this Fall/winter. So my friends and me would like to have a knitted one. Somethings like Kim Hargreaves's design :

I would like to know are there anymore such design jacket that you can suggest to me, so that my friends and me can have a variety of choice ??????



Girl Kae said...

I can't think of any of the top of my head, but i really like that Kim Hargreaves one.

I keep thinking I should buy it, but after conversion to AUD and shipping, it becomes a bit pricey :(

I have seen JoyKnits do a great version of it using Knit&Tonic's Flair Cardigan though which I am very tempted to try ;)

Let me know if you find more cardis like this - they're exactly what i love!

Girl Kae said...

Hi again :) since you know how to crochet, there is also this one:
(i wish i could crochet!!!)

alltangledup said...

Have you seen this on?

Joy's done it and it looks great. Here's a photo of it

Rachel said...

Interweave Knits had a jacket called (I think) the Pearl Buck Swing Jacket a few issues ago that might have been A-line. You could google it.