Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Lacy Checks for vest

My friend-AM's vest is finished.
Let the Baby yarn tells you how it fits to an adult and not limited to baby only.

Pattern : just pick pattern from a stitches patterns book
Stitch pattern : lacy checks
Yarn : Mondial Baby (Italy) - 100% Pure New Wool Merino
Usage : 5 balls x 50g/200m
Needle : 2.75mm for the body, 3mm for the border

Nothing can be said for this vest, just a simple one. Let the pictures tell you .

Re my last post, want to start a A-line shape jacket and still searching the pattern. Any idea ???????


Girl Kae said...

You're VERY nice! Always knitting things for your friends :)

Baa Bonny Belle said...

Excellent piece. You are very generous with your talents, a great friend to have.

A-line jacket is next? Can't wait to see what you knit up.

Lily said...

WOW! It's very pretty. I love baby yarn. It makes a very nice and drapey result.

Elizabeth said...

That's very pretty! As for the A-line jacket, have you seen Flair over at Knit and Tonic? That might work well.

LUL said...

Thanks for the nice comment in my blog.
Hanne Falkenberg has a A shaped jacket -though it is a bit wider than just an A. You can see it here: http://knit.dk/ballerina.htm
I am afraid that you can only get the pattern if you buy yarn at the same time though!