Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A-Line Jacket (The back)

I am now full-force knitting my friend HS's A-Line Jacket for the weather of Hong Kong is getting cooler. Hope that it can be finished and worn on-time. Now, the back side is finished.

You can see the drawn pattern diagram of this jacket, just guess how draws it ? Of course it is not me for I am not good at drawing. It is drawn by the owner (HS) of this jacket. When I first look at this drawing, I am quite surprised how clear and symmetric of this diagram. So, I ask her to draw another one as a template for my future use. Thanks for her at here.


opportunityknits said...

The schematic is very nice and clear. Good luck with the knitting.

Judy said...

This is amazing and beautiful! I love the yarn color and the texture it reveals when knitted. I cannot wait to see this when it is finished!

lillysmuul said...

OOO! This will be one great Jacket!!
Love yarn as well!!

Knittypants said...

What a great schematic, it's very clear.