Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dyeing workshop - 2nd session

On last Sunday, I attend my last dyeing workshop - 2nd session. In this workshop, we learn more tie and clamp methods so as to produce more patterns. Let's see what we (including my classmates) have made. In the belowed pictures, you will see the one has tied and clamped (before untied) and the one of its outcome after untied.

These are silk fabric :

This is silk fabric :

This is cotton fabric :

This is linen fabric :

This is cotton fabric :

There are some more left in the workshop still dyeing to a more depth of colour. Will post it when I collect them.

The lecturer is planning another workshop of making fabric buttons, of which I am also waiting for it. Really want to see whether this can be sewed in my knitting cardigan instead of using the bought one.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Playing Colour

Recently, many bloggers are playing the colour : crocheting the granny square. Also see the blog of little-purl-of-orient and rosylittlethings. Are they beautiful? This inspirits me to make use of my yarn stash (mostly are less than 1 ball) that they are all DK. I think it is too bulky to crochet the granny squares for a shawl.

Suddenly, something strikes my brain. To crochet a colourful cardigan. You see :

Monday, March 19, 2007

A Pouch is sewn

A pouch is sewn. The seams are sewn by hand stitch. I am quite afraid to touch the sewing machine that it will break down again. It has been broken down twice within a month, and now it is fixed. It is not so difficult to do the hand-sewing for this little pouch project.

What is inside the pouch ? See, they are my accessories for knitting. The pins, cable needle, clips and gauge test of my exiting knitting vest. I only knit a few rows daily, so it grows slowly and don't know when it can be finished.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Dyeing workshop - 1st session

On Sunday, I have joined the Resist dye with Madder Root workshop. We are using a natural plant as the dye material :
1. Madder root - to dye red colour
2. Onion skin - to dye yellow colour
and using Alum as mordant. This website has a full description of vegetable dyeing of different colour.

Before dyeing, we tie and clamp the silk and cotton handkerchief.

Dye the materials in the dyepot with red and yellow colour. We have to repeat the alum and dye process several times (that is, alum and madder, and then alum and madder again and again..) until desired colour depth is achieved.

After dyed, rinse the dyed material until water is clear and dry it. In the picture, it is the yarn and silk dye.

To dye silk and yarn, they absorb the colour more quickly, but not ready for the cotton handkerchieves. A few more dye processes are needed for cotton to obtain the desired colour. We still have one session of workshop after a couple of weeks. At that time, let's see what will the come out of the cotton dye.

Searching the internet, I find that Maiwa Handprints Ltd has provided natural dyeing stuff and dyeing instruction.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

A fabric handbag

Within these weeks, there is no mood to do any knitting, I pick up my WIP that has been pending since last year - sewing a handbag.

I cut all the flower patterns from the fabric bought from Japan and sew them together. The 2 sides are in different flower style. Then embroider by some pink flora fabric, which also for the inner part. The bag size is 24cm x 30cm.

What is the next project? sew a pouch - may be.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Haven't been blogged for quite a length of time. During the Chinese New Year , I am busy in eating, drinking, watching TV, sleeping ... and doing nothing.

Look at my vest, I have tried to sit down and knitted for several hours, but it grows slowly, feel quite boring gradually. Knitting cable really makes me exhausted, but I love cables. Want to start a new project, but can't think it out. Up to now, still waiting my IKSpring 2007, wondering why it hasn't reached my door. Hope its arrival will inspirit my knitting.