Friday, July 28, 2006


Ha, very happy that I can talk about my sewing that I am hunger for a long time. But don't be so exciting, it is just a start and no FO is come.

Seeing most bloggers can do some sewing, this motivate me a lot, especially Siow Chin. Unfortunately, my sewing machine is out of order for at least 3-4 years that it has been fixed once by a technician near my home. The fee is very costly at about HKD300.00 (USD38.5). After used it for a few times, it breaks down again, so my family gives up and just put it aside. I am very angry that sewing machine's co had wholly moved out from Hong Kong after I bought it within a year. Whenever there is any wrong with it, I need to find the technician by myself, sometimes it is very hard to find a skillful one.

Now, it is lucky that my parent can find one at the Queen's Road West (search from the HK Yellow Page) which is quite near my home. Congratulate me, it is fixed. I think the happiest one is my mother, she is now very busy in buying some fabric and sewing machine. Up to now, she has sewn some pajamas for her and my father. She is keeping on working hard on some other stuff.

How about me, you see :

these are the japan fabric that I have bought from Japan for at least 3 years ago. Wait unit now, I can make a bag. I cut all the flower patterns out from the fabric and join them. One piece is the front and the other is the back. I need to buy one fabric for the 4 edges, the handle and the lining. Still struggling what colour is matched. Hope can complete it very soon and post it.

For the thin pink colourway cotton yarn that I have mentioned in my last post, I now have an idea what to knit and will show you later. But my heart is flied to the sewing.


Toni said...

That fabric will be a gorgeous bag--look forward to seeing the finished thing!

opportunityknits said...

Lovely combination of fabrics -look forward to seeing your bag.