Monday, October 23, 2006

Yarns from Japan

Come back from Japan. My dream comes truth is that I can visit the Yuzawaya Shop. There are many Yuzawaya shops at Japan and I go to the one at Kamata. This shop is near Tokyo and just nearby the JR Kamata Station. This Kamata shop has 5 towers selling fabric, japan traditional fabric, yarns, and all kind of handicraft material etc. In tower 6, the 5/F & 6/F are selling all the imported and local japan yarns.

I spend about 2 hours browsing all the yarns, there are too many that I don't know how to choose and can't give them up, but time and money are limited. I have applied a membership card (need to pay YEN500) to get a 10% discount of all the purchase within the shop. There are further discount when buying yarns. If you buy 1 to 9 balls of the same colour and same yarn, you will get 10% discount. But buying 10 balls or more, you will get 20% discount and some even at 30% discount. It is more economics to buy the japan yarns than the imported yarns.

These are what I got :


yarn : Mariabehty - 100% wool - 40g/120m
price : 1 pack of 10 balls special price at YEN2079 (about USD17.47 if @YEN119 = USD1)

yarn : Alpaca Peru (made in Peru) - 100% Alpaca - 50g/100m
price : YEN609/ball - 10 balls have 30% discount - total at YEN 4263 (about USD35.82)

yarn : Puppy yarn : Multico - 75% wool & 25% mohair - 40g/80m
price : YEN685/ball - 10% discount and total at YEN3085 (about USD26)

yarn : Puppy yarn : new 4 ply - 100% wool - 40g/150m
price : YEN483/ball - 10 balls get 20% discount and total at YEN3864 (about USD32.5)

I bought these cross stitch keyring for they are lovely and mine is broken coincidence
price : YEN480/keyring - 10% discount and total at YEN864 (about USD7.26)

FEMALE - dressmaking book - price at YEN800 (about USD6.7) - brought at Japan Narita Airport and tax free
Knitting Patterns Book 250 - price at YEN2520 (about USD21) - if buy at Hong Kong, it cost about USD35.5

So anybody go to there, must apply a membership card. This apply to any foreign visitors, not limited to local Japanese. BUY MORE SAVE MORE.

After that, we (my sister & I) go to tower 10 to search the fabric and buttons, and it is too difficult to select something in a mountain of goodies. And my parents always push us to leave for they have impatient to wait for us outside for a long whole day. I only pick up some yarns in a rush. Next time, should only go with my sister so we can have plenty of time.

These are what my sister got :

She bought the quilting fabric, japanese fabric, ribbon, lace crochet yarn, crochet hook, lace edge, etc....

Really want to go again.


Siow Chin said...

Wow, I think I would spend days just in the centre! Amazing!

opportunityknits said...

I think I could faint in there from the wonder of all that yarn.

joy said...

Oooo, I wish I could hop on a plane right this minute to that place! You were so restrained with your purchases; I don't think you saved enough! ;-)


I wished I would go there and buy the yarn like you. I had been Japan twice but didn't know where to buy yarn.
DO you have more ideas ??

marjorie said...

I wish I could just stay there. I must save more $ and go insane shopping!

Mimi said...

I have been to the same store in Kamata. It's a yarn paradise! ;) I am glad you had a wonderful time as well. Need to go back...

Noo said...

Wow! You got some good stuff. I nearly picked up the exact same colourway of the 'Puppy yarn Multico' you bought. I'd love to see how it knits up.

Peggy said...

Wow, very impressive! I'm so jealous!!

Areli said...

Looks like you had lots and lots of fun shopping :-)

Vivian said...

Wow...There's really tons of yarns!! If I chance to go there, surely I'll shop till I drop.

ruth said...

WOW!! what a great store!! and you got alot of stuff!! =D