Monday, October 02, 2006

Cotton Cardigan - let it says

Sleeveless Cotton Cardigan
Pattern : my own using the lace diamond stitch pattern
Yarn : Soft Feather - 100% Mercerized cotton
Yardage : 3 x 50g, 400m length each
needle : 4mm and knit at 2 string together

At last I can model my cotton cardigan. I love it very much and it fits me a lot. You will notice that I seldom model my knitting wear for it is very difficult to take a good shot of self-picture. As I just buy this cotton yarn by chance, always worrying whether yarn is enough along knitting. I keep on weighting the yarn when every part is finished - the back, the left front, the right front ..... Always do not have any idea what to knit when buying yarn which is so tempt to you. There are still some yarns in my drawer waiting for me.


Mimi said...

You look lovely on your new top. and the fit is perfect! ;)
You could pair up with a white long sleeve blouse as the weather cools down.

Kendra said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed reading yours. I love your pattern, it is really delicate and beautiful.

opportunityknits said...

Your cardigan turned out very sweet. I like how the lace looks in your variegated yarn, lovely. By the way, the lace stitch looks like the one I'm knitting now.

joy said...

Good job with the pattern. The color is nice and sharp against the black!

ruth said...


Siow Chin said...

Love the tie, it is really very popular now. Great job with designing it yourself!