Sunday, December 03, 2006

Finished Finished Finished

My friend's purple v-lace and cable vest is finally finished.

yarn : Mondial Extrafine - 100% pure New Wool (Made in Italy)
length : 50g/175m
needle : 3.5mm
usage : 6 skeins
pattern : just pick up this and that from a Chinese stitch patterns book

And, she is modelling her vest :

When knitting such a large size vest, I have some queries :
1. should the front size wider than the back ?
2. if not, should decrease the front side's armhole more stitches than the back at the beginning the several rows, of course, the shoulder stitches will become the same ?
for this vest, the no. of stitches and the armhole decreased stitches are all the same.


Anonymous said...


baabonnybelle said...

Wonderful vest. You did a super job on it. I'm loving the vest in the IK Winter mag...will be putting that project on my list of "to do".

Have a great week.

Andrea said...

Beautiful vest....I love the color.

Siow Chin said...

Great looking vest! I think in a dress-making sense, the front should be bigger than the vest to accomodate the chest. However, in knitting the fronts and backs are the same most of the time. If it is a stocking stitch one, maybe you could consider short-row shaping?

Mimi said...

The vest looks lovely and it fits your friend well. You made a good point about the need to make the front piece bigger than the back. But like Siow Chin said, the knitting patterns uses same sizing. Is it perhaps due to the elasticity of the yarn?

opportunityknits said...

The vest looks great on your friend. The patterns I have knit all have the same width for front and back. Come to think of it, my cotton shirts also have the same width front and back, only difference is darts for the front so maybe it doesn't matter whether it is knit or sewn.

Lily said...

Oh it is very nice and it fits perfectly. All my crochet and knitted garment always has the same width front and back, I think it is because of the stretch effect. However, if I make blouse from normal cloth, I normally make the front wider and the armpit shape biger/deeper.

joy said...

Lucky friend! It fits perfectly!

Sometimes, I'd decrease more frequently (faster) for the front piece, but the overall number of decreases is the same as the back.
I hope that makes sense.

Girl Kae said...

great work - fits very nicely! :)

gray la gran said...

if the wearer is busty, then the front is larger than the back, but only in the bust area. use short rows. that's all i know. i don't use them for garments because my front measurement is very close to my back measurement. but, like a woven and sewn garment, there are dart shapings to accommodate (sp?) the bust.
regardless, i think you did a fine job of making a lovely vest with "this and that" from chinese magazines :)