Thursday, June 01, 2006

My First Sock

My thumb is still not recovered yet, but I miss my knitting needle very much that I pick up the needle to try the sock. My first knitting of the sock.

This is the sample of knitting the heel and short row wrap. I use the waste yarn to practice it, I read the instructions again and again, rip and knit many times. It comes out like that, not so bad.

I feverishly knit a sock as per a baby sock pattern for it is easy and can be finished in a short time. You see, it is loverly.

Up to this step, my next challenge is to join the front and back of toe.


Mimi said...

Oh you are kntting socks! It's looking great. I've yet to start a pair.

opportunityknits said...

Baby socks are cute and fast, aren't they?

joy said...

Cute sock! So we will see many more? :)