Sunday, May 21, 2006

The thumb is Hurt

Re my last post "A Cotton One", I have knitted the 2 x 2 ribs for about 7 inches. But I don't like it very much after watching it for a while. I think I will rip it and find another summer cotton pattern. The colour is really nice, I like it.

I have not posted to the blog for about 3 weeks for my thumb is hurt. When I get up on one day, I feel pain on the joint of my left hand's thumb, I don't know why. I have tried some treatments but no progress. My mother gives me her chinese medicine oil, I don't what it is, it is quite smelly but acceptable (you know, mother always has traditional ancient medicine oil at home). I treat it on my thumb joint days and nights for about 2 weeks, it works. The pain is lessen and about 90% recovered. I hope the thumb will be recovered with one more week. This is why I have no much progress of my knitting. Bye now, I need to make some treatment on my thumb.


flanelle said...

Sweet colour, I like it too !
I wish you everything is going to be ok very soon.

joy said...

I've been having a similar problem with my thumb so there's less knitting than usual. Have you tried using circulars instead of straight needles? I find that helps a lot. Hope you get better soon.

Mimi said...

I am having the same problem as yours these days. So sad, i hope it's not knitting related. So hope you and I can recover soon!