Monday, May 01, 2006

A Cotton one

Summer is coming, I always want to knit a cotton sweater. After searching all my stash, I have this very very thin cotton yarn. From the yarn label, it is for crochet lace, 50g/400m of each skein, and suggest to use 1.5mm needle, so you can image how thin it is. Browsing all my pattern books, I still cannot find a sweater suitable for this cotton yarn. After thinking for about 1 week, now I decide to knit a sleeveless cardigan using 2 string knitted together, there is no pattern, I design it by myself just pick this and that from the pattern books.

When combined 2 strings together, I can use 4mm needle to knit and it is more easy for me to handle. For the upper part of the cardigan, I will use this diamond pattern (I don't know why I love all kind of diamond patterns very much). For the lower part, it is 2x2 rib for about 5 to 6 inches long.

I only get 3 skein of this cotton on hand, hope it is enough to complete one.


Mimi said...

Oh the pattern sounds pretty! I've knitted with double crochet yarn before, it's a bit harder but the result is a nice knit.

Jewels said...

Pretty looking pattern. You're a very talented knitter!!