Thursday, August 02, 2007

The yellow bolero

Just some follow up of my friend HS's bolero.

After she has tried it, and due to the tension and size are quite difference with the pattern, I have reknit several times of the underarm to fit her. As per the pattern, I crochet 3 row patterns of the back's underarm instead of 1. At the front's underarm, 2 row pattern is added. I really alter at least 50% of the original pattern, always reknit, reknit, reknit, totally make me mad. But now, you see, it is quite nice and I am satisfied with it. I think this size will suit her and full force to knit the body.


Girl Kae said...

oooh what a lucky friend!

Vivian said...

It looks really pretty.

JL said...

Tks for the tips. Ihe one that i crocheted are always too small. I had been ripping many times due to my inexperience skill.