Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fuzzy Scarf

A fuzzy yarn, which is bought by my friend A's mother that she wants a scarf.

Yarn : Yarn bee (made in China)
Usage : 2 x 50g/72m
Needle : 6.0mm
Composition : 40% Acrylic, 30% Wool, 20% Mohair & 10% Polyester
Size : 6 " x 60"
You can see, there are 3 difference of thickness within a ball of yarn. Some are thin and some are thick. I have to try several sizes of needles to cope with these thickness. At last, it comes out very nice. Hope my friend's mother likes it, which can keep her warm during winter season.

My other friend's yellow bolero is finished. I will give it to her on this Saturday and post it later.


Regg said...

Very ladylike~
I like it, lovely!

Knitcrazy said...

Oh.. I can almost 'feel" how soft it is!!!!