Monday, November 28, 2005

Knit, Knit, Knit, Travel, Travel, Travel, Travel, Travel ......

My mind wants travel, travel, travel, travel, .......
My heart wants travel, travel, travel, travel, travel, .......

When Christmas is coming, I always want to travel to somewhere. Also reminds me Germany for it has a big Christmas Bazaar throughout Germany.

Also remind me a book written by John Grisham, call "Skipping Christmas". I think it is fun to read this book during Christmas time. To see how an aged couple try to go away from their own village and enjoy Christmas somewhere. At Hong Kong, it is very easy, just buy the air ticket and book the hotel and go anywhere if u can.

Travel to Bremen : Chicken is in the photo, beware of the bird flu, keep running.

Travel to Rothenburg : Wa, so many presents, which one is the biggest, which one I should pick.

Travel to Fussen : How romance, Prince and Princess are having their Christmas holiday at here

Travel to Munich : Sightseeing Bus, please don't stop, keep going

Hope you enjoy these photos. In future, try to share some other travel photos to all of you. But I have to ask my friend to share her digital photos to me for I just have my digital camera recently.

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1FILLE.francaise !!! said...

salut toi ! je m'appelle aurelie je suis francaise ! j'habite dans le sud de la fance a saint tropez ! tu connait ? je voudrais que l'on devienne amie ? tu veux ? repond moi vite vite vite stp !!!!!!! merci bocou ! biz* gros bisous !!!!!