Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook fresh food

Recently, I have read many blogs about cooking for Christmas time is coming. I don't know how to cook, just know how to make the instant food. Instant food is always loved by any people all over the world. See this blog. Is it very trouble to cook fresh book? It needs go to market to buy. After bought, it needs washing, seasoning,...... cooking...... Oh, there are so many steps to finish the cooking of one dish.

For Christmas, Hong Kong has held a WinterFest in the Central Business Centre. Please come and join with us. Hong Kong is always welcome all tourist come from all over the world.


Birdsong said...

Love your portrayal of cooking! I like to cook, but sometimes it is just best to eat what a gourmet chef has prepared.

Annie said...

I prefer a low key christmas, we start with family, friends and neighbours at our place for bbq breakfast consisting of bacon, sausages, eggs, champagne, strawberrys, and whatever else may be on offer. This year we will be at our place all day, so eating, swimming at the river, more eating and drinking. I hope it is a nice day as it will be just starting into summer.