Wednesday, September 28, 2005

New member to this blog


Hi, everybody,

I am a Chinese girl, living at Hong Kong, very fond of knitting, crochet, reading and travelling. I like to travel with my friends and not like to join the travel tour for it can explore the place anywhere.

I feel vey exciting and nervous to create my first blog. I find that at HK, there is no much blog like this and talking about knitting. In foreign country, I know there are so many.

Now, my brain is blank and I do know what to type. In future, I will use time to build up this blog. At here, I upload one of my knitting scarf that I have put in HK Yahoo Auction for sale. I would like to start a business in internat selling and I don't whether this e-shopping is OK at HK. I know in foreign countries, it is very popular. But I will go ahead and keep trying.

My selling in Yahoo Auction :

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