Friday, January 13, 2006


Really, I can't stop knitting the scarf link together by squares. Choosing matching colour is always difficult and hope can form a happy colour. This scarf is for my sister, I call her for this and she feels happy for that. I will give her before Chinese New Year when our family meets for the dinner.

This yarn is from my sweater that I have knitted for many years ago. But it is too small for me finally (maybe I choose the wrong size according to the pattern), I store in my drawer and never wear it. My ma ripped it, wet it in hot water and rinsed it (she always do this for my knitting that I have not worn). Now, she asks me to knit a sleeveless cardigan for her using the same pattern.


Jewels said...

very pretty scarf!!

Peggy said...

Very nice! I've always wanted to knit granny squares but I crochet like I knit (moving both hands), so it's not very successful.