Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Another Hat in Grey

I have put down the Flower Basket Lace shawl during these days. Knitting this grey hat using the stash to my ma. It is same as the previous rose colour hat to my ma. But when my sister saw that rose colour hat and liked it very much, then my ma gave that to her. Therefore, my ma asks me to knit another one to her.

Ok, from now, I have to pick up my lace shawl and hope that can finish as soon as possible. I don't want to left it behind and knit other stuff.


Siow Chin said...

This hat is lovely, as is the rose-coloured one. I would love to knit a hat for myself too.

Peggy said...

The pattern on the hat is beautiful! Sorry to hear about the Flower Basket Shawl... but donm't worry... I put mine down for almost 1 year!.. but I am almost ready to pick it up again!

flanelle said...

I like very much your beach bonnies, both of them !