Thursday, December 06, 2007

A-line Jacket Modelling

Dadadada.... It is finally finished. I like the colour very much that it has a strong winter feel.

Spec :
pattern : just take Kim Hargreaves's Wispy as reference and make some changes on it
yarn : Mondial's Delicata Baby (Italy)
material : 100% pure new wool merino
usage : 8 x 50g (each at 215m length)
needle : 3.5mm

I must tell you, this kind of a-line jacket is very popular at this winter at HK. When my friend first look at this, she said to me : " I want one, please knit one for me." Then we right away rush to my favour yarn shop to pick up yarn and discuss the design at a food court. This is how this jacket is produced.

I used 3.5mm needles, which is larger than the yarn label (suggested 2.5-3mm needle), to knit the seed stitches for my friend likes the soft feeling. I have first tried the 3mm needle, the outcome is a little bit tight between seed stitches that the back piece is ripped and reknit.

For the collar and the front border, reverse stockinette stitch is knitted. But it seems that there is no big difference from the body's seed stitches.

For the buttonhole, I take the "6 stitch One-Row Buttonhole" method as printed in IKwinter2006. This is my first time to make such a large buttonhole for an oversized button (the diameter is about 1-1.25 inch) is used.

All progress of this jacket, please tick here.


nurhanne said...

Looks great!

Betsey said...

Very nice! I like the look of that yarn.

Celia said...

This jacket is very nice. The A-line shape is so popular right now. I especially love the pattern created by the variegated yarn in the back of the jacket.

Oiyi said...

Oh wow, you did a fantastic job on the sweater. It looks great on you.

瑪格 said...

It's really beautiful. A-line jacket also popular in Taiwan this winter.