Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Reading - The Gift

The Gift by Richard Paul Evans

Nathan works for a retail store in which he is to prevent and catch employees who are stealing from the company, in particular, merchandise. During one of his business trips visiting one of the stores, he encounters a boy and his family while waiting at the airport on a very snowy night. This young boy is terminally ill, but Nathan discovers a gift that this young boy has. It's a type of gift that is kept secret, because once it is known, the boy's mother knows that the media will be on their backs, as will the rest of the world. For the sake of the boy's health, his mother tries her best to hide this special gift from the public.

Nathan gets involved with the woman and her two children by volunteering his hotel room for the night, as their flight has been cancelled due to the snowstorm. This act of kindness leads to one thing and another, and soon he has fallen in love with the woman, as he also learns lessons in unselfish love from the young boy.

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