Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Reading - All You Need is Love

All You Need is Love by Carole Matthews

Single mum and superwoman Sally Freeman wants a better life for herself and her son Charlie. They live in a council estate, so if she' going up in the world, she'll have to drag it along with her.

Just as Sally's mission to rejuvenate her surroundings gets under way, she's offered a ticket out of there, in the splendid form of Spencer Knight. He has everything she could wish for - the looks, the charm, not to mention the wallet. But is he the answer to her prayers, or does her hapless ex-boyfriend Johnny still have a hold on her heart? Her dilemma is made worse when, for the first time, her home has the glimmer of a future. And as she struggles to choose between her head and her heart, she discovers that if The Beatles are right and all you need is love, then everything else falls into place.

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