Monday, June 02, 2014

Reading - Magical Kids

Magical Kids: The Invisible Boy and The Strongest Girl in the World by Sally Gardner

This book contains 2 stories : 1. The Strongest Girl in the World Josie Jenkins, aged eight and three-quarters, is good at tricks. She can balance a pencil on the end of her finger and pick her nose without anyone seeing. But she amazes everyone—even herself—with her best trick yet: Josie can lift a table, a car, and even a double-decker bus with no effort at all! Hold on, though. Could this would-be blessing turn out to be an even greater curse? 2. The Invisible Boy There’s Sam—poor Sam! When his parents take off for a trip to the moon, Sam is imprisoned by the wicked Hilda Hardbottom. He must find a way to escape, but how? Could his salvation come in the form of a small, splotchy alien? Maybe—if that alien has the power of invisibility, and the inclination to share!

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