Thursday, March 12, 2015

Reading - Salsa with Me

Salsa with Me by Roni Denholtz

When her grandmother is injured while trying to learn to salsa dance, Marisol Acevedo brings her to the hospital where she meets Dr. Alejandro Lares. She soon learns that the handsome, brilliant doctor will be attending the evening salsa class that she assistant teaches.

Alex isn't enthusiastic about learning to salsa for his cousin Pablo's wedding, but his ideas change when he discovers that vivacious Marisol will be one of his teachers. As they spend time together both on and off the dance floor, he can't deny the attraction between them. But Alex, betrayed by his former fiancee, finds it hard to trust this beautiful woman.

Marisol dealt with her own heartache years ago, but can't help her growing feelings for Alex. To complicate matters, trouble brews in class when Alex's cousin becomes attracted to Marisol's friend.

With meddling families, friends, and salsa students surrounding them, Alex and Marisol will have to be light on their feet to dance their way to a happy ending.

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