Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Getting Cool

When knitting the mohair scarf, I feel there is something wrong with it. I change the needle size to 4mm (before I use 4.5mm) and the knitting method of one stitch. After changed, it seems OK and nice while knitting along. For one ball of this Hamanaka Mohair yarn, I can knit around 29" long. If I make "blocking" afterwards, it will be a little bit of longer. I am eager to complete it. But I feel pain in my wrist of both hands, it may because I knit this scarf day and night. I need to put it down for a while before go ahead. I do not want I cannot knit in future.

From the weather news, it will be cooler within a few days, so I quickly search my wardrobe. I find my vest knitted at the beginning of this year, of which I have not worn it. This wool yarn have been brought for many years ago, but it still quite in good condition. In my drawer, there are still many yarns have not been knitted. I think I should try to re-arrange them to see what I can knit from them . There are so many colours and some are not enough balls to knit a vest. For some are brought by me and some are given by friends.


Russell said...

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susan said...

hi, how are you? i like your blog! and i'm so happy that you linked to me on it! i'll link to yours too.

your scarf looks nice, where did you get the pattern? can you send me the link?

we should go yarn shopping some time!

oh, i saw that the other comments are not real, they're just spam, if you go to the settings and turn on 'word verification' it will help to get rid of them, i get quite a few too...