Saturday, October 15, 2005

Not free anymore in HK Yahoo Auction

I love knitting, only want to knit everything to fullfil my wishes and challenge my knitting skill, therefore I post some in HK Yahoo Auction.

But just notified by HK Yahoo, they are going to levy charges on its Auction services starting Nov 1, 2005, I don't feel happy on this. At this moment, I still thinking what should I do to cope with this changes. My friends suggest me to create a new blog as my web-shop and I will try and think. It takes my time and effort to post all my knitting products in a new blog and retype all the description. This action also affect all the sellers in HK Yahoo Auction.

Sigh, What a pity !!!!!!!!!!!!


Peggy said...

Welcome to blogland! I used to be a HK blogger too! Your lace scarf is beautiful... it's perfect for HK weather.

Mimi said...

Thanks for stopping at my blog and also for the compliments. Your mohair scarf is really nice , so your other FO's in the auction.
Have fun blogging!