Friday, February 03, 2006


Finally, Ma's cardigan is finished. I have ripped the neck area twice for it is too loose for my mother. I will give it to her on today and she will put the buttons by herself. For she has a collection of buttons which are come from the torn clothing. She picks up the buttons before thrown the torn clothing away. So clever she is.

Now, Spring is coming, new knitting books are published. It is time for us to search and buy them. The new Rowan book #39 is very attractive. I have to find out which on-line shop can give a cheaper price to order.


Tammy said...

The cardigan is absolutely gorgeous. Great job!!

Siow Chin said...

You know, the yarn shop in Causeway Bay called Paris will probably stock it later on. Call it up to ask before you go. It carries some other Rowan mags too.