Friday, February 17, 2006

No Title

With stash of my last post, I have completed the back of my vest. The pattern used for this colourway yarn is quite good. This is the pattern of the purple colourway scarf. I just repeat the lace pattern and like it very much.

I have bought this thin bright blue yarn for the Flower Basket shawls which I have planned for a long time. The colour cannot be fairly reflected after pictured. At Hong Kong, it is very hard to find this lace-weight yarn. The yarn shop owner said that there is no body to knit this thin yarn nowadays, only can find as fine as 4-ply yarn. The yarn ball is 50g in weight with 370 meters long, 35 stitches to get 10cm. On the label, it suggest to use 2.75mm needle, but I have to check and test it for the shawl.

I will start to knit this lace shawls after finished my vest for I don't want to start many things at one time. I know that if I start the lace shawls, I will left my vest behind and don't when to pick it up again.

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