Thursday, August 24, 2006

My First Cotton Cardi

I tell you, this is my first cotton cardigan using the pink colourway cotton yarn. I only get 3 balls (400m length of each) of it for originally want to knit a shawl. Later, I change my mind and want a cotton cardi that I never have. But what pattern should I need and always worry whether it is enough for a cardi, may be only enough for no sleeves. So it is decided to have a sleeveless one as pictured.

The inspiration cames from Vanessa''s Cherry. Firstly, I knit difference stitches of the lower and upper body. I don't feel comfortable when the back is finished and sorry to take the picture before ripped it. I rip it from the waist band (not rip the whole one from the shoulder), rejoin the yarn and start to knit from the waist band down to the bottom. Can you see that the diamond lace pattern is up side down compared with the upper body. This cotton yarn is hard to block that it seems not balance between left and right side. I hope it will be alright when join with the front (has not been started yet).

I think I am addicted to this diamond lace pattern.

I suddenly find a convenience way to block my knitting stuff, as don't want to pin it on my bed. It is quite trouble to pin to the bed that I have to do it early in the Sunday morning, otherwise it might not have time to dry it. Try to show you when I block the front of this cotton cardigan.


Mimi said...

That's a pretty pattern and the yarn is very nice with the subtle whitening color. I will be a nice top!

Ellen said...

The lace is very nice!