Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Reading - The Sunflower

The Sunflower by Richard Paul Evans

Just a week before their marriage, Christine's fiance calls off the wedding, leaving her heartbroken. With hopes of helping her through a difficult times, Christine's best friend Jessica enrolls them both on a humanitarian mission in Peru, to work at an orphanage called El Girasol - The Sunflower.

It s while working at the orphanage that Christine meets Paul Cook, a successful and charistmatic American doctor who has fled the States after one fatal day took away his career, his faith, and the woman he loved.

Unplanned events lead Paul and christine into the jungle of the Amazon, where she must confront her deepest fears, and she, and Paul, must both learn to trust and love again. But her ex-fiance asks her to return to his side......

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LizKnits said...

looks like an interesting book... in fact scrolling through your older posts it looks like you've been reading many interesting things. I'll have to check some of them out. Love that pink sweater too!