Tuesday, February 19, 2008

FO - Cable & Twisted Tree Sweater

Before our Chinese New Year, I decide to finish my long wish project - Cable & Twisted Tree Sweater. I always want a cable sweater and it is lucky that it can be finished on time and happy that all the yarns are used up. I show off my new sweater to my friend when we celebrate the CNY, they like it very much.

Spec :
Pattern : my own
Yarn : Alpaca Superfine - 100% Alpaca (bought from Japan)
Usage : 10 balls x 50g (100m each)
Needle : 3.5mm needle

It is no difficulty in knitting but :
1. quite hard to choose the combination of cable patterns. After many tests, this cable and twisted tree stitches pattern are chosen.
2. another difficulty is to test the tension of each stitches pattern : the cable, twisted tree and double moss stitches. Have to test them one by one, a lot of patient is required.
3. to calculate the measurement . I have done a lot of addition and subtraction to work out the correct inches. This really makes me faint.
4. afraid that not enough yarn for the sleeves. I use waste yarn to cast on the 2 sleeves and start to knit from the upper arm upward. After that, only one ball is left. I knit the 2 sleeves downward at the same time to the wrist from the cast on row using the two ends of the yarn ball, until the last ball is used up. So it is a 3/4 sleeves sweater.

I love cable crazy and am planning a open cardigan. But I am just start a new project - open cardigan with no sleeve using deep purple yarns. You can't believe, these 6 balls of purple yarns are found by my mother under the bed drawer and quite surprise that the purchase receipt is still here, the yarns are bought at the year 1986. Let's celebrate the 20 years old of the yarns.


Angie said...

Your sweater is beautiful and it is such a lovely design. Excellent work!

Agnes said...

Very beautiful! I like the fit on you.

Knitcrazy said...

Your Design is simply Beautiful... How wonderful that you designed it yourself..
I am halfway thru designing a Baby Girls Sweater and I am enjoying it alot.. I should be posting it soon on my blog..


Judy said...

Your cable sweater is beautiful! I love cables, too. After wenty years you find yarn? Unbelievable!

Oiyi said...

Beautiful sweater! You are so talented.

Girl Kae said...

I'm amazed you created this.. it's beautiful and so classic :)

joy said...

Great job, it's such a classic design! I find the swatching and maths the most time consuming too.

20 year old yarn! There's hope for my stash yet. :-)

rubbishknitter said...

wow. That's amazing! Really lovely... I want one :)

Lily said...

The cable design is really lovely. Good job!

Kimberly said...

I agree, cables are wonderful and you did an amazing job designing this sweater. Good job with the sleeves too. I think that's the worst thing when you run out of yarn.