Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stash for Scarves

I have 1.25 balls of the baby yarn left from my friend - AM's vest, 2 small scarves are crocheted for HS also. You know, I always like to make use all of the yarn stash.

This crocheted raffle scarf's pattern is obtained by one of the Chinese bloggers. At the first time, I misunderstand the pattern on how to make a hole to pass through the raffle tail of the scarf. The first step is to crochet the long scarf itself, then crochet a flower to attach to the one end of the scarf to form a hole. I also add 2 more rows of raffle to make a big wave. I don't know why my friend HS loves the raffle edge very much, so this raffle scarf is crocheted to make her at the Chinese New Year.

The belowed scarf is according to a Japanese crochet book that bought a few year ago. It is just long enough to round the neck once. I ask my friend HS try to find a hair pin or cuff links to fix one the scarf.


Judy said...

I love the scarves! Especially the one with the ruffled edge. Very nice.

Mimi said...

The scarf is very pretty. I love crochet flowers and ruffles!

Knitcrazy said...

Both of your scarves are Beautiful..
The one for your Friend with the ruffle edge is Georgeous!!!


inkberryblue said...

What beautiful scarves!
...and thank you for visiting my blog and saying nice things. :>