Monday, June 23, 2008

Reading - Bottled Up

Bottled Up by Jaye Murray

Pip is bottled up. He has an alcoholic father prone to violent rages, a zonked-out pill-popping mother, and a little brother who looks up to him as the biggest hero in the world. Pip has been hiding - from his smug teachers, his always-drunk father, his sweet but needy little brother, and even from himself. He's been skipping classes, drinking, getting high, and trying to avoid thinking about his life. Trying to avoid feeling.

Now Principal has given him an ultimatum : Either he shows up for all of his classes and begins seeing a counselor after school, or he' expelled. But getting expelled isn't what scares Pip. It's the thought that the Principal might call his father. His father is what really scares Pip.

Will he follow his father's ugly path, or will he invent his own future ?

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