Thursday, June 05, 2008

Reading - The Opposite of Fate

The Opposite of Fate ( A book of Musings) by Amy Tan

Born into a family who believed in fate, Amy Tan has always looked for alternative ways to make sense of the world. And now, in The Opposite of Fate, her first book of nonfiction, she shares her thoughts on how she escapted the expectations and curses of her past and created her own destiny.

Amy tells of her family, of the ghosts that inhabit her computer, of specters of illness, ski trips, the pliability of memory, rock and roll, and the twinned mysteries of faith and fate. Whether she is remembering arguments with her mother in suburban California, recounting trips to an outdoor market in Shanghai, or describing her love-hate relationship with the CliffsNotes edition of her first book, The Joy Luck Club, her recollections offer an intimate glimpse of a best-selling writer whose own life story is as magical and hopeful as her fiction.

In this book, also has written her participation in making the film of her book - The Joy Luck Club. I like this part.

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